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I need to save the csv file from a Excel for Mac 2019 into Windows-1252.

Is there a possibility to do so? I don't want to use converting tools. 


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CSV files are themselves universally acceptable (as much as anything is)... But XLS and XLSX are transferable from Macs to Windows versions of Excel too. So what, exactly, is the problem you're encountering? There are at least two ways mentioned right there that can avoid converting tools.

I need two things: I want to open the csv-File (which is Windows-1252) without the import button - if possible. Then I want to change things in the file. And then I want to save it again as a windows-csv (1252). With the older excel for mac that worked (when I save under windows-commaseparated). But now there is no such possibility. 

So it would be great if there are somewhere hidden possibility to do so again.

Thanks a lot

You're referring to WIndows-1252 in such a way that it must mean something very central to this. I haven't been near a Windows system in years...so perhaps I'm just not understanding the issue.

Does saving in each system as XLS or XLSX not work? My experience right here on this website is that we are able to open and change and save and reopen across platforms without problem. So I guess I'm mystified at your wanting to stick with CSV.

Saving in XLS or XLSX works. But I want to save it as a CSV. And the setting must be ASCI = 1252 = windows comma separated (was it in the earlier Excel for Mac).
Is there really no solution???



There's not a solution that I'm aware of, but I'm clearly not the last word.