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Hello. I would like help creating a chart to analyze certain information. This information I can collect through the site follows model of the extraction of data of a certain asset with the information updated every 1 minute through the site:

"id": "bitcoin",
"name": "Bitcoin",
"symbol": "BTC",
"rank": "1",
"price_usd": "10424.8",
"price_btc": "1.0",
"24h_volume_usd": "7247580000.0",
"market_cap_usd": "176054022400",
"available_supply": "16888000.0",
"total_supply": "16888000.0",
"max_supply": "21000000.0",
"percent_change_1h": "1.45",
"percent_change_24h": "8.03",
"percent_change_7d": "-7.43",
"last_updated": "1519680268"

Actually what interests me is the information that is in bold ("24h_volume_usd"). But in percentage. To visualize in percentage I would have to have two starting points. So I would have to create a database as follows. We assume that the data was collected as follows in excel:
Note that from column A to G are data entered in excel by the direct web connection of, this data is updated every 1 minute. Column H would be a copy every 24h of column D so I can calculate The change in% in j, (note that I is invisible since it is H-D = J but in %.
This first moment of the project worked. However, there is a situation of conflict between the information, as follows:
We can see that the active KOMODO and HSHARE exchanged rank with each other (this happens directly) the information pasted on column H which is the second point did not make the transition. Note that the information has been changed resulting in the wrong calculation. I have tried in some forums how to solve this problem and I did not find it.
But I have another idea, besides solving this conflict. I would like to store in a database this "24h_volume_usd" information of each asset every 5 minutes in order to create a line chart so that I can identify the critical moments of the asset's fall and discharge. In this graph it would have a fixed "24h_volume_usd" value (no refresh every 24h) at creation time, and the second point would be to enter the data every 5 minutes. Receiving this information in a database I could create this graph. I believe it is possible to do all this in excel, however, in this data collection model values ​​are updating, so the information passed out.
Besides this information in the chart would have to have a header with date and time to make comparative with the prices passed. Because the information "24h_volume_usd" is only the "trading volume" made in that time period, but it reflects in the price significantly.
If anyone wants to help me in creating this system, or even did not understand my purpose and wants to help me, please leave your comment for me to contact. I recognize that this is not at all complex, it's simple. However I have no knowledge at all in excel and much less programming. I thank you in advance.
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I am quite sure there will be sufficient developers to reuse existing blockchain packages rather than just writing them. Save them time and encourage them to focus on the coding or adaptation of their token. Don't tell me that, instead of reuse existing frameworks and packages, you 're writing all your code as a developer. It is now quite standard to use existing packages by combining and building them with a unique solution. I don't see why it would be any different to blockchain. The basics need not be continually reinvented and developers reuse current products already.

I can help you
First you need how to use logical function to manipulate the data
and then extract the time from the date

Send me a full details on my email or DM..I can help