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I'm trying to figure out how to first cross reference two text string columns and then filter it so i only have duplicates and then cross reference the duplicates in relation to the vendor number they are given to see if the two vendors have been asigned the same vendor number e.g. 




I Hope this make sense, I have about 1400 lines that I need to sort xD

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You can try this formula. It returns TRUE or FALSE (WAHR or FALSCH in german Excel) if the D.Number and P.Number are the same for the name in column B (D.Name).

cross reference.JPG

Very nice! Can you help with N/A cells then ? Is that because the value or name is not present in both columns?



In the example the NA (NV in german Excel) occurs because the D.Name doesn't occur in the P.Name column.



You can wrap the formula into IFERROR if you want to return e.g. an empty instead of NV.