creating user with password in excel sheet

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Hello everyone!


This is Joginder Singh, I want to ask that I am using 1 excel sheet but want to create multiuser for that single sheet with their individual passwords so that no one can change data in same sheet by other user.


Can any help in this Regard ?




Joginder Singh 

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Please study the page from the link. Here you can learn how to share areas with users.

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Thanks Sir, But it is my mistake that i couldn't elaborate properly. My query was that I have one sheet of which headings are as below with example:-

Date Party Name Invoice No.
------ -------------- -------------
1/12/22 Kultar Trading Co. Inv_1234
2/12/22 Diksha Enterprises Inv_2297

In this sheet, 3 users are there who are filling above table data, but on being wrong filling / data entry, one user makes objection that I didn't enter the wrong figure, one makes objection toward other user that you did wrong entry. So, to track the right user who made mistake, I want 3 user name and password which can be fixed at right side of Invoice No. Heading that will be unchangeable.
So, if you have any tricks or function, please share with me.