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Hi everyone,

I was used to create what we call in French "Diagramme Moustache" with my previous Excel version. I m now using Office 365 and I do not manage to find my tools.



I want to create this chart:


May someone help me....


Thanks in advance.


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Hi. I don’t use a French or English excel so don’t take my translations literally.


Create an ordinary bar chart.

Select the chart and go to “Chart design” Add chart-element: Chose Error bar.


There are some (mysterious) pre determined error bar. But If you want to control the numbers you chose “more error bar alternatives”. To the right you will have “format error bar”. With three groups. Chose the one that looks like 3-bars. At the bottom you will see “custom” and a button [Specify values]


(in English some people cal them Dynamite bars instead of Moustache.)

Hi  StephanieM56
Hi. I just re-read your question and realised I answered something completely different.
I think you are looking for a Box-plot