Creating SP List from Excel Workbook

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When I create a new SP List from and existing Excel file the conversion always turns the column heading from Excel to 'Field_' (whatever number) in the new SP List.

Why does this happen, and is there a way to stop it so that the original Excel column heading shows in the SP List?




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Can't reproduce. Perhaps you may give bit more details, are you in 365 environment or not; do you use New->List->From Excel or New->List->From CSV ?

@SergeiBaklan Yes, 365 environment, SharePoint site, New List, New List from Existing Excel.


I have been told that my issue will occur when a source has column names that also match the default/system column names provided in SharePoint.


When this occurs SharePoint will not use the name, but will name the field(s) starting with 'Field_1'.


I have not yet tested this reasoning, but it makes sense.


I didn't test as well, but most probably yes. That's standard behaviour if you try to repeat existing name.