Creating multi select dependent dropdown list

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Hello I need to have a multi select dependent dropdown list. And as an example below. Can anyone help please?






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That sample seems incomplete.


So can you confirm, before we go off in some kind of wrong direction, that if the first choice is the "Fruit, Drinks" combination, then the second level, rather than the very limited combination you show, in fact should be this combination:

Apple, Banana, Orange, Pepsi, Cola, Fanta, Redbull

Or are you saying it's every possible combination of those seven items?

And if it's something else, then what is that "something else" and what are the underlying rules or principles?


And this is obviously just a simple example. Can you tell us how many combinations the "real world" application is going to have? That could well influence the most efficient and effective way to resolve it.


In fact, rather than a simple example, it would probably be helpful to give the full real big picture unless that involves some sort of national security matter.



I'm not sure if this is what is meant, but here is an example file, dropdown dependent.


Hope it can help you further.

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Here's another example of a cascading drop down design. I'm pretty sure though that this is not what the original request was looking for.


You could be right, but it doesn't hurt to give one more example :smile:.