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I'm a complete numb skull when it comes to Excel, and I can't figure out what to google to make what I want to do happen.  I have an excel sheet with cookie orders, and I want to extract that data to make individual little 'sheets' that I can print out to make tags for each individual person. And I have no idea on how to accomplish this. HELP!?  


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I would suggest looking into using your Excel spreadsheet as the data source for the MailMerge function in Word. (Don't let the "Mail" in that mislead you--you can merge into a document that would look just like you want it to look.)


Here are links to two instructional YouTube videos. My guess is that either would work--and there are more--but start with these


here is another video I really liked because it uses Excel more and gives more flexibility than the standard mail merge... it's been a long time since I watch but pretty sure it even goes over how to automatically create the e-mails...
Excel macro to create word docs without mail merge: