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Dear community,


I have an urgent question regarding excel - since it’s almost the end of the Friday (working week).

As for the problem (please, see attached picture and excel file).


Short Description:




1. There is an 360 assessment of 3 people.


2. Each worker has completed survey: what he/she thinks of oneself, what manager thinks, what colleges think etc.


3. The scale is 1-5 and it is very important to show the deviation of answers (if there is such).


4. Unfortunately, I don’t know how to show deviation in excel, so I formatted cells “text typed” to type in deviation (“3-5” for an example).


5. The task is to graphically present answers (see table in excel) as it showed in the picture attached.




Unfortunately, my knowledge doesn’t provide me with enough expertise in excel to understand, how to perform it, as well as I haven’t yet found solutions in the internet.




That is why, I would really appreciate if you could help me/teach me, how to solve this puzzle.







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