creating charts in excel

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Is it possible to prepare a graph like this in excel?

Please help

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That chart has 4 value axes. A chart in Excel can have only 2 value axes, so it would be difficult to plot all four series in one chart and keep it readable because the scales are so different.

@Hans Vogelaar 

Thank you for your answer. I know it's a bit complicated but the professor asked me to do it So i have to try it another platform maybe in SPSS

Hi @mehmet_almacioglu 


Hope you are doing well. From your image looks that you have 4 measures/axis want to show on vertical or y axes and 1 dimension on x axis. I share with you an image as per your requirement.


Please select "Vertical Axis Line Chart" you can draw 1 up to 10 Y axes. 4 showing in this image.


You can check here for Microsoft Excel & Office 365. Image attached get from this add-in.


And if you are comfortable with Google Sheets, you can find here.


Thank You!