Creating Calendars in Excel - How to Show Schedule Conflicts

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Hello! I made a calendar in Excel where I am able to enter specific dates and events in one sheet (spreadsheet view) and then have it coded to display a calendar view in the next sheet. I used conditional formatting (cell value contains..."IT," "FIN," "SEC") on the calendar to color-code categories on the calendar (i.e. holidays, finance schedule, IT schedule), but when there are two events in one day, it only takes one of the colors. Is there a formula that I can write in the conditional formatting box to essentially say: if cell contains "IT" and "FIN" OR "IT and "SEC" OR "IT" and "FIN" (and all the other combinations), highlight the cell red. If this isn't possible, is it possible to use conditional formatting for specific characters? Or, do you have any recommendations for how I can show schedule conflicts?

Thanks so much! 

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