Creating an XY chart with many lines

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Hi there,


I'm trying to create a chart that has many lines, in which each line is defined by its x and y coordinates. For example, for January, the maximum X,Y coordinate may be (25,33.3) and its minimum may be (13, 44.7). It's the x-value that determines where whether it's a maximum or minimum.


The axes of the chart is supposed to be X and Y and each set of lines will have its own label, perhaps Jan, Feb, Mar and so on. The table looks a bit like this:



How can I create a chart where Jan is just 1 straight line with the corresponding X,Y values and not 4 points with different Y-values? Like this (ignore the background image. I just need to plot the many lines you see here):

 Capture.JPG and not this:


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