Creating an Auto-Fill Order Form

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Good Afternoon,


I am looking to create an Auto-Filling Purchase Order document in Excel.

We produce machines with various base models, and addons, so we were looking to create a form where you can enter the quantity of machines required, select your base model, tick the addons you want and that will automatically populate the order form with the prices, descriptions and part numbers taken from the product listing tab.


I've attached a example I have butchered from 

It no longer works, due to the changes I have made to the form, but this is the sort of thing we are looking for. Any help or advise would be greatly welcomed.

Note that this example is based upon our smallest model, we do have products with around a dozen base options and many, many more addons to choose from, so this will need to be expandable.

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after some thought, I have come up with this alternative. It's almost there, just needs refining so that i works correctly (I think).


Any advice would be welcome.