creating a workable calendar in excel

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I need assistance creating a workable calendar in excel please.

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Have you checked the available templates?


You don't define what you mean by "workable" so it's hard to give any more specific suggestions. If  you can't find something there at the templates pages, by all means come back, but tell us more specifically what you're looking for.


Perhaps, based on tag, that means one which works properly with Excel for web. I have no idea.

@Sergei Baklan 

When I say workable I need a calendar that I can add clipart images to and make the space large enough to type my residents activities for the month.


If you are on desktop version you may use @mathetes link or in File->New find proper template for the calendar, there are lot of them. Don't no which of them are workable for Excel Online.



From that brief description, it sounds like you may be looking for a calendar that can be printed and posted on a wall or distributed to other people. That suggests to me that Excel may not be the right program. Here, for example, is a template that works in PowerPoint, where it would probably be easier to insert clip-art images and text descriptions. You'd create a new layout for each new month...but that sounds like what you're actually needing.


You might also want to look at templates for Word.