Creating a spread sheet for VAT.

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Hi .

I am completely new to excel. I am trying to create a spread sheet to input my sales figures, purchases etc. I appear to have done this ok on sheet 1, however I have opened sheet 2 in the same screen which I need to use to analyse the data from sheet 1. for example :

sheet 2 box 1 should be the vat on my sales and other outputs comes from  a total cell, box 2 is zero(import purchases) box 3 is total of box 1 &2 should be the same figure, box 4 is vat reclaimed on purchases so I need to analyse the total of all these, box 4 is difference between box 3 &4, box 6 is total sales box 7 is total purchases.

can any help or tell me if this is possible I need it for MDT purposes.

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