Creating a scheduling worksheet

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I am reaching out regarding creating a scheduling worksheet/workbooks in excel, where information entered in the master sheet automatically appears in tabs of the same worksheet or individual workbooks of specific employees. For example, three employees, Mike, Sam, and Mary. In the master sheet, the receptionist enters the caller's name, time and date of call, the reason for the call, and the assigned employee for the call. Once they type the employee's name in the designated field of the master sheet or tab and hit enter, the whole information line is automatically copied to that employee's tab or a separate workbook managed by the employee. The worksheet/workbook setup can be Tab 1: Scheduling, Tab 2: Mike, Tab 3: Sam, and Tab 4: Mary. Or, A separate master scheduling workbook and three separate workbooks, one for Mike, Sam, and Mary. We are using Office 365, and if we can learn how to implement both setups, we would greatly appreciate it. Thank you. 

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