Creating a schedule that can be emailed and returned

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My organization needs to create a changeable, monthly roster for about 20-30 people. I need to be able to create a master document with a list of people, that can then be plugged in to a monthly table on the same document. I need the table to keep a tally of how many times a name shows up in each column as well. The blank document needs to be transferrable via email, so it can be filled in and returned. Thank you for any help. 

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It's not reasonable to ask folks here to create the process for you from scratch (which is in essence what your post does).


Would you be so kind as to post at least what you have created so far (using fictitious names), sufficient to demonstrate what you're working with, where you're stymied, and give us something to work with.


Post your files on OneDrive or GoogleDrive and paste a link here that grants us edit access to those files.