Creating a priority level based on important/urgent values

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Hi, first time posting for help.

I'm rolling out a master document within our business around projects and tasks. Each author has graded the level of IMPORTANCE and URGENCY between 1 and 5, 1 being the most and 5 being the least in each case. 


I need to categorise these in priority order with each task/project having differing priority based on the value given to to them above


Can anyone help with a formula that I could apply to overecome this?




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Your request is not entirely clear. For one thing, you ask if there's "a formula that I could apply to overecome this?" and I assume--please confirm--that you really mean achieve rather than overcome.


That said, are you aware of the sort capability? There is a SORT function which can be used to yield a new listing, on a separate sheet, of a list of projects or tasks, based on the column in which those rankings have been entered. There's also a Data...Sort menu selection that can accomplish the same thing on the basic table of raw data. The advantage to the former is that it leaves your raw data intact.


But a further question: I'm assuming the tasks are a sub-level within the project: so the question arises whether you are seeking to do some kind of weighted categorization based on the weights assigned to each task within a  project? Or something else?


If you could attach a sample either of your actual spreadsheet (provided you can share it without revealing proprietary or confidential data) OR a representative but fictitious example, that would help us help you. Without seeing the actual layout of data, we're basically limited to general suggestions as above.