Creating a login process within a workbook

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I’ve created a workbook where I want users to login on sheet 1 to be granted access to sheet 2 and if validated taken to a particular cell on Sheet 2.  On sheet 1 I have a cell for ‘User Name’ and a cell for ‘Password’. Below them I’ve created a button named ‘Enter’.  I’ve created a table on Sheet 3 that contains the login data for validation. My current formula attached to the ‘Enter’ button is: =if(match(T13,Table2[LDAP],0)and(match(T16,Table2[Password],0)Master!S1)). But this will only match Login and Password on the table and not take user to Sheet ‘Master’ or the referenced cell destination.  I have minimal experience creating macros, but is that the better option?  Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.  Thanks in advance for your time.

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Before writing code, do a web search for something like "unprotect excel worksheet with password".  You'll see how easy it is to bypass security.  And worse, with that design you are planning to store - in plain text - the passwords of other users, so an intelligent user can not only break your security, they can also learn the passwords of other users and login as them.


Excel is not the right tool in which to write security code.

Hi Snowman,

Thanks for your response.

User access is just to a worksheet for authorized users to plan their weekly workload. Other sheets in the workbook are hidden and locked that contain data tables and formulas that populate cells on the planning sheet. So I’m just trying to allow a user specific access to a portion of the workbook.


Per your suggestion I did do a search and watched a quick vid. So yes, super easy to unprotect a sheet or a workbook with a bit of effort that has protection enabled thru Excels security functions. Security on this is not critical, just to put up a soft roadblock.