Creating a Graph based on 2 interacting cells

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I am trying to create a graph based on two cells that interact with each other. I'll try to explain better:

 - The first cell is an input cell where I write down an amount in $ to be spent

 - The second cell is the result of a calculation that gives me a cashback rebate in % of the amount spent (in the first cell)

 - Example: If I spend 100$ (cell 1) I get a cashback rebate of 10% (cell 2) but if I spend 200$ (cell 1) I get a cashback rebate of 15%


As it is made I can only have one call 1 value that obtains me one cell 2 value. What I would like to make is a graph that correlates the percentage of cashback to each amount of $ in cell 1 from a range of 100$ to 1000$ per example

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You will need to create a column of values. For example:
Cell A1
Cell B1
=SQRT(A1#)/100 <-I don't know how your %Rebate is related to the amount you spend so I made a formula up