Creating a generator.

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I have set up several drop down lists in a sheet. My goal is to be able to make selections from these drop down lists and have it return to me several answers. I am not sure if excel can do this. But it would require other information as well.

What I mean is once you choose your selections from the menus, then based on the selections it calculates a number. It then takes that number as a guide line, and runs a calculation with values already saved somewhere. If the values match or are less than the first number it started with, it will tell me how many of the hidden values I can use.

Simple example of this would be A2=1, B2=3, C2=4, A4="Easy". This gives me an output in E7 of 225. I want this to be the absolute most the next process will recognize as a value that's acceptable.

With this information I want to setup a list of values for specific things. Then have it run a calculation to see how many of those values when summed, and multiplied by another cell, is equal to or less than the total value, in this case 225.

My goal is to them have it return to me how many of each I can have. Meaning 1 X, 2 XX, and 3 XXX. An advanced idea I have would be to get combinations as well. 1 X and 3 XXX.

Is there any way to do this in excel, or am I looking in the wrong program?
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