Creating a function that will automatically fill the cells in an entire row.

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I am trying to save time imputing data by setting up a system that will automatically fill out an entire row of data based on a serial number typed into the first cell in that row.  I am imputing ingredients into a recipe.  When I enter the recipe number in A1 I would like it to automatically fill A2,A3,A4, etc with memorized amounts.  For example if I type in SRP1 in Cell A1, A2 will say 8,000, A2 would be 2,300, A3 would be 500 and A4 would be 56.  If I type in SRP2, it would fill the cells with different amounts that go with SRP2.

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@j_rags_30 You need to create a lookup table first and then you may use FILTER and/or XLOOKUP (since you tagged Office365) to fill the cell in A2 and down based on what's in A1.

Exactly how depends on the structure of the worksheet and data.


Can you upload or share (via OneDrive) a link to a file that demonstrates what you are working on?