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I have a table set up that has a drop down list referencing different rows in another tab. Say the list is referencing row 4, I need the cells below it to automatically change to show row 4.


  1. For example, C1 is referring to Row 2 on a different sheet and C3 is being pulled from cell DO2 on the other sheet. When C1 changes to refer to a different row (i.e. row 4), I need C3 to automatically adjust and refer to cell DO4 on the other sheet.



The trickier part of this is that if someone were to enter $30,000 into C4 in the image above, I need it to automatically update cell DP2 in the other sheet to reflect $30,000.


Any help is greatly appreciated.

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@Sergei Baklan Yes, same question. Just trying to get it figured out