Creating a Form table that connects to another sheet/workbook

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Hello everybody, 


This is my first post because I have a pretty unique problem. Currently I am in the process of lessening the paper use in my company. I have this excel sheet, which is often printed so members of my electronic assembly department can fill out the categories of the table. To reduce this, I was asked to basically create a form data table, in which the data entered in this table can be exported to another sheet or workbook. We want to track ALL of this inputted data, and then have them clear the table so they can enter new information. Anything entered within the blue section should be something the engineering team should see. How can I set Excel up so this data can all be recorded to another sheet the workbook or onto a different workbook? I preferably would like to do this through a non-VBA way if possible. The table also does not need to be a form; I just want all numbers inputted to be compiled in lists for others to see the history. 


FYI the Product section on top actually has a drop down list of several other products that also need the same table filled out. If I can separate the sheets by product codes, that would be best ideally. 

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Not being an engineer, I can imagine what you are trying to achieve and think that the attached workbook could get you started in finding a solution that works for you. Consider collecting all test data in one sheet. You can then do all sorts of analysis / filtering on all test data. And, just for the fun of it I added an automated check that flags a measurement green or red if it falls within (or not) what I understood to be tolerated min and max levels.

If I totally missed the point, you may kindly ignore this post.