Creating a Dependent Drop Down List (Using a Combo Box)

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Hello all,


I hope this post comes across someone who can assist me. I'm not the most proficient excel user so the task I'm trying to accomplish is quite difficult - in my eyes at least. 


Essentially, what I am looking to do is have one drop down list (using combo box) that lists out all the provinces & territories (of Canada) and another drop down list (again, using combo box) that displays the respective cities in each province/territory. 


I am trying to create a Wind Loading Calculator Sheet (I am a structural engineer in training) in order to implement some efficiency in my design process. I believe the reason my task is quite difficult is due to the fact that the way my table is laid out is not necessarily conventional. I've attached an excel document that provides an example of what this table would look like.


Really hoping someone could help me out and I can provide more information if need be.


Thanks in advance!

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Here is an example to do it yourself, was in my tray.

I don't know when it is, a long time ago.

Sorry but at the moment I don't have the time to adapt it to your file.



Thank you for your understanding and patience



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See the attached version. I used two dynamic named ranges, Province and City.