Creating a colored band in a chart

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Back to my diabetes tracking spreadsheet.


In the "Fasting" sheet of the attached spreadsheet, I've created a "high" and "low" normal area (the horizontal green bars). 


Is there any way to specify a color for the area between the green bars? I would want it to be adjustable. (The "Chart Data" sheet is the data being charted). 

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You forgot to attach a sample workbook...

I sure did; I just attached it.


I don't see green lines in the Fasting, Average sheet, but I do see orange lines in the High, Low, Carbs sheet.

I did the following:

I changed the value for Upper Limit on the Chart Data sheet to Upper Limit-Lower Limit. The reason will become clear in a moment.

I changed the chart type for the Upper Limit and Lower Limit to Stacked Area.

Lower Limit was plotted at the top, so I switched the order of Upper Limit and Lower Limit in the Select Date dialog.

I made the Lower Limit series transparent (No Line, No Fill), and removed the border from the Upper Limit series (No Line).

Wow, thanks - that's exactly what I wanted to achieve. I'll unpack what you did and learn from it.