CreateObject("Outlook.Application") with New Outlook

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I've just noticed that when using the New Outlook, the VBA command CreateObject("Outlook.Application") generates the following error:

"-2146959355 (80080005) Server execution failed".


Am I the only one experiencing this issue? Or is there a need to modify the command?


This works perfectly fine on the classic version of Outlook.


Thank you in advance

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Hi @GaetanDolige 

i have the same issue. When i turned back to "Old" Outlook 365 it works. So it seems to be issue of the New (web based) one.



Sorry, I didn't see your response.

I absolutely agree with your answer.
This is becoming problematic and no solution found at the moment...


New Outlook does not - and will not - support COM automation, since it is intended as a platform-independent app. COM automation depends on locally installed code libraries that work only on Windows.

Hello Hans,

Thank you for this information.
Is there an equivalent to work around the problem?