Created a live excel document in a Teams Meeting, but it seemed to stop saving after a certain time

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A week ago, I created a live excel document to track notes in group Teams Meeting call (with external clients).


I was taking notes in the live document but it seemed it had stopped registering whatever notes I took in the last hour, so if I go try recover previous versions on OneDrive, it would only provide a version at the latest 3.18pm when I was still writing notes at 4pm (therefore lost an hour worth of notes). I believe Teams syncing is very slow as my notes only came up on other people's screens (in presentation mode) 1 hr later, so this syncing delay may be an issue... 


Similarly at the end of the meeting, I even had saved a local copy, but upon checking, the local copy seems to be the same as the 3.18pm variant. but doesn't explain why my local copy (done at say 4:30pm) did not keep all the notes and 'instantly' reverted to some 3:18pm version. 






Would there be a work-around ? Or perhaps reach out to internal company IT and see if they have more versions of saved files? 




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