Create Signatures for cells in Excel

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Hi Community,


I wonder if it is possible to create a signature for each individual who has access to the Excel file so he/she can sign the work done (in a single cell insert for example the initials of their name as a signature) and another one approve the work done. For example that each one of the 4 members of the team has their own signature/password and only each one of them can type its initials for signature.


So basically, I want to sign a cell but when I want to sign the cell is locked and only if I type my password to unlock the cell my initials (as a signature) will then appear in the cell. As well as if another person want to sign also the next job but the cell is locked and with the password the initials of the person that type the password appear in the cell as a sign of that he/she person did that and only he/she could have done that because is locked


I hope I explained myself well. I will look forward to your comments.

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I would be happy to know if I could help.


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Hi Ricky, I am trying to do something similar, and wondering if you cracked this yet?