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Hello!  I am having a problem creating a formula.  I want the cell to pull information from a hyperlinked cell.  That hyperlink will either have a number or be blank.  I want the formula to return an "n/a" if the cell is blank, but provide the number if there is one.  I have searched the help center and can not find my issue!


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Hi Carol!
Type in „12“ or other content in a1. In a2 you can type this formula: =if(isempty(a1),“n/a“,a1)
If you let a1 blank, your „n/a“ will appear at a2. Greets, Eva

Hello Eva, 

That formula works if I replace "ifempty" with "ifblank", but how do I work in the hyperlink to a different sheet in my workbook?



Hello @Carol_L ! Here are 3 screenshots to explain how you can make it.

1) First you have your 2 sheets. One with hyperlinks and one with your results.

2) The formula in second sheet is: IF(ISBLANK(hyperlink!B2),"n/a","'" & hyperlink!b2)


Note 2 things:

a) To reference from another and while typing this formula you can click on the first sheet back ("hyperlink"), then automatically you will get the reference, which is an exclamation mark.

Then go on typing the rest.  Pls. dont click on another sheet while typing in! Finalize it with ENTER.


b) I inserted a ' and concatenated (linking one text to another) it to the hyperlink. If you dont want to work with that hyperlink function in your second sheet, just delete the ' from the formula.


3) Your result will be the 3rd screenshot.


Wish you a nice weekend. Greets, Eva.



Thanks Eva, I appreciate the help.  It came to be that I truly did not need a hyperlink in the formula and that was what was throwing me off.  I used the following formula and it worked great:



I was trying to over complicate the formula!


Thanks Again!

Hi Carol! Great!! Was a pleasure, give a Like 😊! Have a nice Weekend. Greets, Eva