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Today  I use this type of link, and it's good

=@'W:\_Devis\Devis 230505.xlsx'!Toto  ----> Toto is a predef cell

but I want to generate the link like something like this

=CONCAT("@'W:\_Devis\Devis ";B2;".xlsx'!Toto") ---> with the value of B2 is "230505"

Do you have and idea ?

Thanks for your help



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The cell return the text :
@'W:\_Devis\Devis 230505.xlsx'!Toto
not the value of the cell =(
try this:
=INDIRECT(CONCAT("@'W:\_Devis\Devis ";B2;".xlsx'!Toto"))
#REF.. but no problem with the destination..
I have try without concat by using &
=INDIRECT("@'W:\_Devis\Devis "&B2&".xlsx'!Toto")
same result an over idea ?
Thanks but,
=INDIRECT(CONCAT("[";B2;".xlsx]Feuil1!$O$6")) is ok
but with th right link it's not ok ? an idea ?
$O$6 or Toto is ok
path with or with space same problem, idem by using operator & or concat
same directory with file open with "[" and "]" ok, but when you close the file.. error
INDIRECT is ok if the file is open, it isn't ok for me