Create formula for number of absences on day or night shifts by days of week

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Trying to develop a formula for a sheet where the data represents month at a time sick leave occurrences by day shift or night shift by day of week. Data is extracted from HR system showing date for each month, shifts (D1/D2/N1/N2) and number of SL absences. Can an array be setup to automatically sum/calculate the total SL absences for each shift type by day of week, i.e. # absences for a D1 shift on Sundays, # absences for a D2 shift on a Sunday, # absences for a N1 shift on a Sunday, etc.

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That could be like



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Hi Sergei,


Thank-you, that gives the number of occurrences of Shifts for Day of Week but atm does not add (SUM) the actual occurrences of sick leave absences (rows labelled # SL), which are on the next row under each of the SHIFT rows within the table. Any further help would be appreciated.

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Is there a way of SUM'ing the row below the applicable cell using some sort of 'row+1' for those cells found which meet the criteria?

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Oops, I missed that.

Formula could be


if you are on Excel without supporting Dynamic Arrays, use it as array formula, i.e. with Ctrl+Shift+Enter