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I have a sheet that tracks purchase order numbers in a table. I'd like to add a search function at the top of the spreadsheet, where you enter the PO number in a cell then press a search button and it takes you to the row for that PO number.


Alternatively, I've used the match function to find the cell reference of the PO number in the search cell. Could a button then be programmed to scroll to that cell reference?



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In the attached file you can enter the PO number in cell B1 and click the button in cell C1 to activate the cell with the PO number from B1. The macro currently searches for PO numbers in range A4:A1000 which can be adapted.

po number.JPG

Sub activate_po_number()

Dim i As Long

On Error GoTo errormessage

If Not IsError(i = WorksheetFunction.Match(Range("B1").Value, Range("A4:A1000"), 0)) Then

i = WorksheetFunction.Match(Range("B1").Value, Range("A4:A1000"), 0)

Cells(i + 3, 1).activate


MsgBox ("PO number not found")

End If

End Sub
That works perfectly! Do you know how I can make it so the cell it scrolls to is the top row? At the moment, it scrolls to the cell in the middle of the page.