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I have a spreadsheet (Office 2016) I use to track when assessors are due to to complete apprentice reviews.  When a date is entered in column H, columns K - Z populate with dates. row 6 shows the date reviews are actually due, and row 7 the window within which the review must be carried out.  I have it set up so that when today's date falls within the review window (row 7), a formula prompts me to click in row 6, which produces a prepopulated email ready to send to the named assessor in column G.  There will be various assessors named in column G.


I would like to add a formula/macro that will send a calendar appointment to column G at the time I populate the start date.  I would like to send 8 appointments for the dates in row 7, columns K, M, O, Q, S, U, W and Y.  These are to put dates in someone else's calendar (column G) as a first reminder of when reviews will be due.  The automated email, will then give a second reminder when the review window opens.


I can't share the file from my work computer, but I'll email it to myself and try to uploaded from home over the weekend.


Any help on this would be appreciated.



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 I can't see how to upload the sample spreadsheet.  It say that xlsx format is not supported.  What format should I use and do I then just drag and drop.


Apologies for my ignorance, but this is the first time I've used a forum of this type.