Create an external URL link so my excel workbook opens on a specific sheet.

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I have a Wiki site which currently uses URLS from individual excel sharepoint files for individuals on my team to open a workbook to record data.


I am condensing these 10 files into one big workbook with separate tabs for each individual but I still want my team to have separate links on the Wiki site which will open the excel file on the individual's assigned tab.


I've searched through previous suggestions on this which haven't worked for me. I'm running a 64-bit version of Excel on MS Office LTSC Professional Plus 2021.



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Hi @Tomggill,

if you want to create an external link that opens your Excel workbook directly on a specific sheet (tab), you can try this:

1. Save Your Excel Workbook:
- ensure that your Excel workbook is saved in a location which is accessible to your team (for example SharePoint or Onedrive)

2. Share the Workbook:
- Share the workbook with your team members so they have the rights to view it

3. Determine the name of the Excel sheet:
- find out (define) the exact name of the sheet you want to open. You can see this name at the bottom of your Excel workbook (it is better not to use special characters)

4. Create the External URL:
- create an external URL using the following structure:

* Replace `` with the actual URL to your workbook, and replace `sheetname` with the name of the sheet you wish to open.

For example:

5. Share the URL:
- share this generated URL with your team, perhaps by adding it to your Wiki site. When they click on the URL, it will directly open the workbook on the specified sheet.


The URL-encoded sheet name in the URL is case-sensitive, so it must match the actual sheet name precisely.

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Thanks Leon, I tried this but it didn't work. It just opened on the same tab again.