Create a unique list of names based on multiple criteria

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Hi there! I currently have a master list that has names, organizations and whether or not they attended a workshop.  I need to create a list for each agency that lists the name of the individuals, but only when they have attended a workshop.  I tried to create the list using the formula based off this page:  but I keep getting a #calc error message.  The formula works if I only list one criteria though.  Thoughts? Would an if formula work better?

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@Sarah Smith 

=UNIQUE(FILTER(data,(range1="b")*(range2>5),"no match found"))

@Sarah Smith 

Could you attach a small sample workbook (without sensitive information)?

@Hans Vogelaar I just updated the post with a sample excel file so you can see what type of a document I was working with and how I set up the formula as well.
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Thank you! The values in columns C and D are numbers, not text values, so you shouldn't use quotes around values such as 1. The formula in M4 should be




This can be filled to the right to N4. Note that I made the references to A2:A5, B2:B5 and C2:C5 absolute so that they don't change when you fill to the right.

Thank you soooo much! This was exactly what I needed.