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Good evening,

I work in a university and I work with data query dumped into Excel.  The department has 25 full time faculty names (never changes) and up to 50 adjunct faculty.

Some faculty teach up to 8 sections of a course, so I frequently deal with 300 rows of data.


Right now, I have to insert an additional column and manually identify each faculty member as FT, ADJ or UNA (if a course has yet to be assigned to an instructor).


Is there a way to build a custom sort based on the info?

Thank you.

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Hello @CoachSandy,


Perhaps you could create a second query that contains the professors' names along with their status (FT, ADJ, UNA).  Then, merge the first query with the second query and filter out the professors' names from the second query.  Take for example the following blog post: