create a formula for specific sequence

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I have a list of name 1.V1.S, name 1.V2.S, 1.V4.S, name 2.V1.S.......etc


how I could make a formula for the long list? Note the name is the same.

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@Ashwaj, try this formula into cell A2 and drag it down:

="name "&INT((ROW()-ROW($A$1)-1)/4)+1&".V"&MOD(ROW()-ROW($A$1)-1,4)+1&".S"

Cell $A$1 is the header cell.

Change the header cell if you move the list to another range.


Every 4 times the first number changes, the second number being a sequence from 1 to 4, following your specific sequence:




Pedro Wave

@PedroWave  Thanks a lot, fantastic exactly what I want, how clever. 


Should you be so fortunate as to be using Excel 365, then the same formula could be written

= LET(
    k, SEQUENCE(100,1,0),
    r, 1+QUOTIENT(k, 4),
    c, 1+MOD(k, 4),
    CONCATENATE("name ", r, ".V", c, ".S")
I am so fortunate Peter, thanks a lot, This is very kind support.