Create a dashboard based on variables

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I'm working on currency exchange project for 6 months so far, when I made my first step I didn't had clue about the power of excel right now my eyes are wide open and enthusiasm to get my project to the next level, In simple terms I have a based currency Let's call it DL and every day I buy and sell DL/USD and DL/EUR based on the transaction type and region the cost will be added to the exchange rate.

I created a source sheet where I make my daily activities and with the use of power query 

I transferred the the whole data to power query to represent it in the different view and accumulate each data type to analyze it separately, Now I need to get more specific to make an accurate solutions.


After 6 months of working and testing I faced some Issues like: 


  1. Weighted Average In power Query
    • I manually calculate the weighted Average in the bottom of the table I want the power query to calculate it automatically  
  2. I want power query to daily calculate the accumulation of the difference between the previous day and current day for buy and sell of local currency and and foreign currency as balance
  3. I want to calculate EUR/DL to USD based on DL rate of EUR/USD
  4. All those data when power query calculate it I want to represent them in one dynamic dashboard

Hope I can get advanced help to keep my project running in professional way.


Down bellow I attached sample of my data.

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