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I regularly use the following sequence:


Left Click a Cell / Paste Special / Paste Special (on flyout menu) / Values and Transpose buttons.


Is there a way to create a shortcut or tool bar item so once I click on the destination cell I just hit the shortcut or tool bat item?


I'm using Excel for Mac on a MacBook Pro running OS Monterey



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Hi @Ken_Kovak, yes! You can record it as a Macro and Excel will save it as VBA. You will record your macro by going to the View tab and selecting "Record Macro" on the far right-hand side. You will complete the steps you listed above and Excel will copy that down. Now, when you need to complete that task you can simply enter the shortcut you assign for it and voile. 


For more information on how to record a macro, please see:

Grahmfs13 Thank you, that works great!