Create a custom cell format, apply with a keyboard shorcut

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For my work I need to format some cells very specifically, and it is a pain to repeat the process 50 times every day.

The steps I have to do are the following:

select cell -> click in format cell -> More Number Formats... -> Custom -> 0" i/o {whatever number is there}" -> ok -> type 0 in the cell -> apply orange fill in cell.

Hope this picture ilustrates the result I am looking for.


Is there any way to automate this a little?


I've been thinking to do it with macros, but it sounds overkill.

Ideally I would like to apply it with a custom keyboard shortcut.



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Hi @anonymous_me 


there is an easy solution for your problem, you just have to create a custom cell style.


1. Format one cell exactly the way you need (number format, fill color etc.

2. Select that cell and then open the menu "Home | Cell Styles | New Cell Style...":


3. Confirm (or adjust) the settings in the style-window. You can give it also a style name:



4. Done. Now you can just select the new style for your cells



Unfortunately, you cannot assign a keyboard shortcut to it, but it's still only one click with the mouse.


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Hi @DTE ,

That makes sense. I still will need to change the internal value in "i/o {value}", but I guess I'll could always make multiple Styles with the most used ones.