Covarancy and tables


Hi everyone! I have depressing probllem, please help

I have matrix 200x200. I have to do covarancy function, which looks like this: =covar(GU;GV) . And now, GU is named a table of data- G5:G105. So data used in covar are tables. How can I block the first one (GU) - I mean if it would be one cell or a number I could use $$- but in this case doeasn't work. How can I use it for all 200 cases I need? It has to be something like =covar($GU;GV). Please help me, thank you!



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If the covariance is to be found in the two tables named GU and GV no need to use $. Just try covar(GU,GV) It should work.

If there is any mistake in getting the question, kindly revert.



@nikonikol is there any reason why you are naming the table of data as GU, if you want to get the covar function in so many cells rather than in a cell?