County lines in Excel map charts extending over bodies of water

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I'm trying to create a county map of the state of Michigan using Excel's map charts. However, when I do that, the county lines appear to extend over Lake Michigan, making the map look odd. Any way to prevent this? Screenshot attached.

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Hi Adam - i have no answer, but Map Charts sometimes has strange behaviour. See for example this topic


On the one hand they use bing maps engine with Here maps in the background, on the other hand both Here and Bing maps in some cases show different results compare to Maps Charts. Perhaps different versions/databases or like. I'll be happy if someone from MS team explains this.

Hi Adam and Sergei, did you ever figure out how to fix this problem?  I'm having the same issue with a county heat map in VA.


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That's only to play with names, formats, etc. If you share what exactly doesn't work we may try to check.

My county map chart of the state of Virginia in excel is extending the county boundaries over parts of the Chesapeake Bay, which is making it look strange.  I want it to exclude the major water bodies so that it looks like a normal map of VA. I have tried putting in Chesapeake Bay as a row in the data with a value of 0, but this does not work. 


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I'm not familiar with this region geography and don't how it shall be exactly. If build map on text data we have


if use rich data type


Practically we can't mix them. Perhaps to take texts and play more with names where necessary, sometimes that helps. But not always.

Please check in attached.