Counting Values non-numerical in rows

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Hi! So I am fairly new to excel and I am working on a project in which the only data we really use are single alphabetical letters such as "R" and "W". I need to know the amount of times that these letters occur in each row in order to calculate averages. 


Basically, I am inquiring if there is a way to view the number of times these certain letters occur per row in order to easier calculate these averages without having to manually go through and count the number of times a letter occurs in a row. Any and all help will be appreciated as this project would require me to manually go through around 200 rows! Thanks in advance! 

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- Do you want to count ALL non-numeric values in each row or only those = R or = W?
- If R or W only, do you want 2 separate counts or the total of both?
Hi! Only those that = R or W, and 2 separate counts
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Hi again @JennaThornton 

See an example in the attached workbook. If you have challenge adapting it to your actual scenario please attach a representative workbook with a couple of rows to your next reply



@L z. This is perfect!! Thank you so so much! 

You're welcome. Glad this works as expected
Thanks for posting back & Nice day...