Counting Table Entries Correctly When Filtering

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Hope someone can help me with this.  I have been going nuts for two days trying to use COUNT(), COUNTA(), COUNTIF(), COUNTIFS() and SUBTOTAL() in various ways to do what I thought was a simple calculation.


I have a Spare Parts table for my boat with multiple columns including "Desired Qty", "On-Hand Qty"  and "Qty to Order".


Above the table I have a Summary area where I want to display "Number of Entries", "Number of Entries with Parts On-Hand" and "Number of Entries Requiring Reorder". 


I cannot get the "Number of Entries with Parts On-Hand" and the "Number of Entries Requiring Reorder" to calculate correctly when the table is unfiltered and filtered.   One of the issues occurs when there is a blank in a "Qty On-Hand" cell rather than a 0.


Would really appreciate if someone could help with this.  File is attached.




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I think what you want is a conditional subtotal. See if the attached workbook is what you are trying to do.

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It works! Thank you very much. I briefly looked at the SUMPRODUCT function but couldn't understand it well enough to try to use it. I'm curious. What is the "--" used for in SUMPRODUCT?
It converts TRUE/FALSE to their underlying numerical values, 1 and 0. If you enter =--TRUE, you'll see it is change to 1 (and 0 for FALSE). The same thing happens when you perform explicit arithmetic operations with TRUE/FALSE, so TRUE+0, TRUE*1, etc. would accomplish the same thing.

There is an old white paper here that has a more detailed explanation:
Thanks JMB.