counting rows sequentially in a column for a large spreadsheet

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I attached the problem, basically, I am trying to start counting in cell e3, which is the cell that has nothing above it, and the cell that has no name in it like in cell A2.  when I get done counting sequentially at the bottom, there will be a blank with a new string in A44,  once that happens I want to start over.  I need to be able to paste this all the way down where it starts over,  the string in a2 is a name, and the descending order in column c needs to stay descending. 

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One way. In E3 and copy down


Updated sample attached


Check the modified formula in cell E4,,, I do believe this is what your were looking for,,, if my suggested formula works for you then you may accept my post as Best Answer as well Like.


thank you  @L z.  , this is excellent.  one question though, ?  would be for some reason when I double click to copy down the larger version of spreadsheet it stops and I have to manually drag it down.  any suggestions. 


No idea why. Instead of using a Range format your data as a Table where formulas, cells format... are auto applied to new rows


If you go with the Table option:

- Delete the column (E in your sample) where the formula I suggested sits

- Format columns A:D as Table

- Enter something meaningful in E1 (the Table auto enlarge to inc. that new column)

- In E1:


 The formula should auto copy down till the end of the Table you created