Counting entries within a single cell

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I am looking to count entries within a cell, and am assuming the best way to do so is to remove the "=" from the start and have a count function count how many "+" there are and add one to it. I am trying to avoid putting each entry into its own cell so that my list stays small (daily material delivery tracking). Every count function I try references the end-cell result and not the presence of "+" in the formula within the cell.


Example: one cell entry for a particular material on a particular day is "=19.79+19.92+19.57+20.35+19.36" and I would like to add a column that will tell me there were 5 deliveries. Some other examples have 50+ entries and 1500 units and I want to avoid counting each individual sheet of paper 

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With such a formula in A1:




That is not best practice. Put your values in individual rows.