Counting date columns

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I have two date columns, one for onset of illness and the other date of vaccination. I have a third column with resident role( Eg: Resident, Visitor, Contractor etc) I want to count the number of residents who had a vaccine before they got the illness, same applies to Visitor and contractor.. I have created a dummy file. I have a two date columns with over 1000 rows. Thanks for the help

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Add a helper column "Vaccine before illness":



Insert a pivot table:

"Vaccine before illness" in report filter area. Filter on TRUE.

"Role" in rows area and in values area.


Hi Detlef, I cannot use pivot tables because it is a summary cell. I have attached a dummy file. Thanks for the help
I see no reason why you cannot use a pivot table.
Thanks Detlef, the columns are being referenced from different work sheets
Still no problem for creating a pivot table.