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=COUNTIFS(AU3:AU100,"<" & (M3-12),AV3:AW100,"=SIKORA")

Where Column AU are Dates (M3 is the date that payroll ends, ex. 2/19/2021, so M3-12 = 2/7/2021), AV3:AW100 are the columns with contain employee names. I want to count the number of time Sikora worked in week 1 of the payroll (01/31/2021-02/06/2021). When I break up the COUNTIFS separately =COUNTIFS(AU3:AU100,"<" & (M3-12)) It returns 42 which is the correct number of times I have entries for work done in week 1, COUNTIFS(AV3:AW100,"=SIKORA") returns 23 which is correct for the entire payroll.  When I combine them to the original COUNTIFS I get #VALUE!. It should get a result of 16 for the 16 calls SIKORA did in WEEK 1 of th

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All ranges in COUNTIFS must have the same size. You can split it up into two COUNTIFS:







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The first solution worked nicely, Thank you for the assistance.