COUNTIFS with multiple conditions

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Hello All - I am unable to count some values by using CountIFS function with multiple conditions. For example , i want to count aging number that are >15 and <20 with "Not Done"

 and In Process Status only. Thanks 








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For example


=COUNTIFS(O13:O21,">15".O13:O21,"<=20",P13:P21,"Not Done")

I also required "In process" condition and i tried the same that you shared with 04 criteria but it was showing 0.can you please check by yourself. Thanks


Could you provide a small sample workbook without sensitive information?

@Hans Vogelaar Please see the attach file ,

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That's not a very helpful sample, since there is no row with In Process and Aging over 5 days...

I have changed a few cells to get more representative results. See if the attached version does what you wants. or can be modified.

I sent with Raw Data , but Thankyou very much as it is working. In last in other worksheet below formula is working fine but didnt work in sheet that i shared.
=COUNTIFS(O:O,">15",O:O,"<=20")+COUNTIFS(P:P,OR("=Not Done","=In Process"))
note: Column O was aging date and Column P was status Column there


You have to use one COUNTIFS with all conditions, as in the version that I attached,